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You can choose any eye doctor in the VSP network. To find an eye doctor:

Eye care benefits

Your eye care benefits are provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP). You can choose any eye doctor in the VSP network.

Your eye care costs
Benefit VSP provider Non-network provider
Vision exam $0 copay $0 copay; up to $45
Prescription glasses $25 copay $25 copay
Frames $175 frame allowance Up to $70
  • $0 copay
  • Included in Prescription Glasses: single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses.
  • Up to $30 for single vision lenses
  • Up to $50 for lined bifocal lenses
  • Up to $65 for trifocal lenses
  • Up to $50 for progressive lenses
Lens Enhancements
  • $0 copay
  • Standard progressive lenses and scratch resistant coating covered in full.
  • Average savings of 30% on other lens enhancements.
Not covered
Elective Contact Lenses (instead of glasses)
  • $25 copay; up to $175 allowance
  • Contact lens fitting and exam: 15% (up to $50 max copay)
$25 copay; up to $120
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses $0 copay $0 copay; up to $210
Retinal Screening Up to $39 copay At a VSP Premier Provider and Visionworks locations Not covered